OOTM: September Outfits

California never gets too cold during the fall & before I moved, I was certain I would never miss the 60 degree weather New Mexico has to offer this time of year. Los Angeles was hit by 100 degree weather these past couple weeks. I think everyone has been melting, not to mention my air conditioner in my house decided to stop working. Anyways, I miss the cold, I miss wearing sweaters, hoodies & beanies!! I long for a rainy morning spent at a coffee stop window, looking outside at the greyness.

Also, mid-way through September, I decided I wanted to have black hair for Halloween. I never have had such a dark color, and I almost never let dye anywhere near my hair. But when life gives you lemons (aka Pravana calls you up to model for them & they give you rainbow colored hair) your opinions change a lil.

Anyways, here are 5 of my favorite outfits that I wore at this awkward time of year.

Photo Aug 02, 11 48 20 AM

Studio City Coffee Date

sunnies: Ray Ban

top & jeans: Brandy Melville

Photo Aug 23, 6 18 23 PM

Weekend Lunch with the Boy

top: Junk Food

fishnets: LF

boots: Dr. Marten

Photo Sep 09, 12 41 14 PM

Catching up on Work in Silverlake

bandana: Urban Outfitters

hoodie: Brandy Melville

socks: Urban Outfitters Mens

sneakers: Converse

Photo Sep 11, 12 02 56 PM

Larchmont Adventures

sunnies: Ray Ban

sweatshirt: my mom’s

shorts: One Teaspoon

sneakers: Converse

Photo Sep 15, 11 35 21 AM

Meeting up with Old Friends

sunnies: Ray Ban

top: my boy’s

belt: Brandy Melville

shorts: vintage Levi’s

sneakers: Converse

All photos by: My Brain is Weird

My Instagram: @laceynwalker

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