November 13, 2017

Photo Nov 13, 2 36 58 PM

I’ve decided I want to make this more of a journal of the days I would most like to remember. Days always seem to fade into the next when all you do is work & worry about staying afloat in California. I’m going to try to live more freely. I want to share my life with you all through photos & remind you to admire the little things in life.

Photo Nov 13, 4 14 43 PM

Yesterday, Levi & I decided to have a beach day in Malibu. We packed up all the essentials including my new lil Sundae bikini but I forgot water because I’m the absolute worst at drinking water 😅
Before we headed out, we had to stop at Alfred Coffee to get an oat milk latte, which is what happiness is made of. I’m definitely convinced & obsessed.
After we were properly caffeinated, we headed out to Zuma beach in Malibu, a place I had always seen photos of but never truly got to enjoy. We laid out on the beach together for a few hours in the sunlight, then ran, head on, into the waves coming in. They were so strong I couldn’t even stand & I definitely fell quite a few times. Sand everywhere 😭 just everywhere. But it was so worth it!!

Photo Nov 13, 6 59 02 PM
Bikini by: Sundae


Photo Nov 13, 4 13 51 PM
MyBrainisWeird aka Bae

Photo Nov 13, 2 43 05 PM

Photo Nov 13, 11 32 40 PM
After Zuma, we headed down the coast to Malibu Farm. A soy caramel latte for me & an old fashioned for Levi. We always end up sharing anyways so it’s the best of both worlds.
I’m happy I live here. I just need to remember that life is made up of the moments when you’re not working & worrying, when you’re free. I’ll cherish running into the waves with Levi forever. ♥️

Photo Nov 13, 11 28 45 PM

Photo Nov 13, 4 32 13 PM.jpgPhoto Nov 13, 11 28 06 PM


bikini by: @wear_sundae

photos by: @mybrainisweird

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