My Favorite Coffee Shops

Coffee is my life blood. I mean I literally have the caffeine molecule tattooed on my forearm. That’s dedication. Anyways, I wanted to write about my favorite shops I have had the pleasure to visit in the past couple of years. Some I have been to a billion times, and others only once or twice, but they still hold a special place in my heart.

Coffee shops just have such a peacefulness to them. First dates, friend dates, groggy morning runs, a lovely workspace; I feel that they are so versatile. Also every time I travel to a new city, I enjoy instagram stalking the most popular shops in the area, which always makes for a great adventure.

After living in LA for about a year, I’ve selected favorite shops I go to again and again. One of the first shops I ventured into, was Eightfold over in Silverlake/Echo Park. Get their white chocolate matcha latte; literally the greatest matcha in LA!

Photo Sep 24, 11 37 16 PM.jpg



A new favorite, mainly because of their oat milk latte & their strawberry almond croissant, is La Colombe in Beverly Hills. I shared a lovely rainy morning with my ex-boyfriend there. We shared the croissant & watched the rain outside through the huge windows. Literally the perfect rainy day if you ask me.

Photo Dec 22, 11 56 44 AM.jpg

An old favorite I actually haven’t been to in quite a while is La Mill Coffee in Silverlake. I was hard core obsessed with their iced hemp milk vanilla latte; so obsessed that the baristas would start making me one when they saw me walk in the door. Don’t knock it until you try it! Honestly hemp milk & oat milk are the ways to go with coffee, at least in a latte. They replicate the creaminess & richness of milk so well. I hate hate hate cow milk in my coffee. You couldn’t pay me to drink it! La Mill has some of the best breakfast in silverlake as well! So many options for every kind of diet too! (Also there is this one barista who looks like Garrett Borns & we all know how I feel about him)

Photo Aug 20, 12 38 58 PM.jpg

My favorite in LA has to be Alfred. They are probably the most famous in LA & I can totally tell why! They just do everything incredibly well & are pretty cheap in comparison to other third wave shops out here in LA. They have a simple menu, oat milk, a lovely turmeric latte, lots of locations, and croissants sourced from FarmShop. I’m forever obsessed. Alfred started the oat milk obsession for me. I always recommend them to anyone passing through as a must try!

Photo Jan 06, 10 49 28 AM.jpg

Anddddd….I have to include my favorite shop in Albuquerque. I have too many memories there & I just love it far too much! No shop out here even compares. I’ve honestly never seen such a creative menu & such consistently good drinks & food. On my days off in ABQ, I would always go to Zendo to drink an Americano & eat their homemade granola. I was able to go pretty much every day when I was home for Christmas. Guysss….they have oat milk!!! If you are ever traveling through Albuquerque, be sure to stop there!

Photo Dec 20, 8 56 25 PM.jpg

Photo Dec 26, 11 21 05 AM.jpg

What are your favorite shops? I would love recommendations 🙂

photos of me by: Levi

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