Lacey’s Day Off: Melrose

At the beginning of this year, I started a new job as a social media manager & barista at a coffee shop in Venice; honestly the greatest job ever, I am stoked. I just haven’t had a normal job in about 6 months, so readjusting has been a struggle!

In order to get through my work week, I make sure to plan rad adventures with friends filled with lots of slow mornings, oat milk lattes, food & new places. There are few things I love more than adventuring to places I had never seen before. Things like that feed my soul & need for exploration. (until I can travel more of course! I have some trips in the work as we speak!!)

Photo Jan 30, 10 32 05 AM

Yesterday I asked my friend Lily if she would be down to explore around this little French cafe I found. I am obsessed with France, literally my number one place to travel right now. La Tropezienne was so lovely. We tried a cappuccino, a latte, fresh croissant & a pistachio macaron! And also they gave us small little pastries covered in pearl sugar! Literally the best out of everything! I have no idea what they were called though…oops. Also if you have never had a croissant & cappuccino paired, you’re missing out. I learned this trick from a German fashion blogger, but you dip the croissant into the cappuccino foam & I don’t know how to explain it other than it is complete magic. Just try it for yourself!

Photo Jan 30, 4 54 11 PM

Photo Jan 30, 4 53 29 PM

Also afterwords, we ran around Melrose to get a green tea boba from Urth because boba…

Photo Jan 30, 4 52 01 PMProcessed with VSCO with a6 presetPhoto Jan 30, 2 25 12 PMProcessed with VSCO with x5 presetPhoto Jan 30, 8 11 39 PM

Thanks for reading my bbys



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