Valentine’s Day

Now I’m definitely one of those “love the people in your life every day instead of one day that’s centered around consumerism” kind of gals, but it has always been a fun excuse to tell someone you like them; take your love out for coffee; embrace your cooking/baking skills while you attempt to make everything heart-shaped & taste good simultaneously; go to the beach with a huge blanket & watch the colors dance across the sky; you get the flow, I’ve always been one for experiences over material things. I show love through acts of kindness. (That is one of the love languages right?)

Photo Feb 12, 4 23 16 PM

This past Valentine’s Day was the first one I had as a single lady since I was about 18. Not that I am a serial dater or anything. I’ve just had two long term relationships. I’ve loved a lot & learned more about myself in the process. I am happy where I am now. I feel inspired & strong. For those of you wondering, Levi & I are still very good friends. We actually spent the day together this year, just as best friends; such a simple & lovely day as well. I really don’t know how I feel about romantic relationships at the moment, I am much more focused on keeping close friendships with the kind souls I am lucky to know.

Anyways, I wanted to share some advice & show you my day.

First off, enjoy the little things. For me it’s warm drinks in the morning, yesterday it was a lavender matcha with heart shaped latte art. When you focus on the littlest things that bring you joy, life is much more beautiful. Flowers off the sidewalk, a puppy walking by you on the street, the comfort of a warm knit sweater, your favorite fruit, the color of the sky…

Photo Feb 14, 11 07 41 AM

Love yourself & know yourself before you give yourself to anyone. Know your strengths & own them. Be unapologetically yourself. But also know your weaknesses, accept them for what they are & continually seek the betterment of yourself. Bloom as a person. Remember before you are anyone else’s, you are your own.

Photo Feb 12, 3 09 02 PM

Treat yourself. I have always been one to buy myself flowers & eat out at places alone. I don’t see it as being strange. I see it as treating myself to the love I want to receive; also self reflection comes so much more easily when I am alone with my thoughts. That’s something I want to work more towards this year. I love so fully when I am with someone that I tend to lose sight of what I really want out of life in general. That’s something I need to work on.

Photo Feb 14, 7 13 56 PM

Photo Feb 08, 9 06 07 AM

Photo Feb 15, 9 12 18 PM

I hope you enjoyed my lil scattered thoughts & a look into my day yesterday.


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