Lacey’s Day Off: Joshua Tree

A few weeks back I (very impulsively) decided to book an airbnb I’ve been eyeing for a while now. And this week, packed up my car & my best friend Levi for the short drive out to Joshua Tree. I haven’t traveled to anywhere new for quite some time & I vowed that this year would be the year I travel to 25 places. Hopefully I’ll get there. One down and twenty-four to go!

Photo Mar 05, 7 52 12 PM.jpg

Being in the desert was so calming. I could quite literally only hear the sound of the wind. I have been trying to meditate & just sit in silence at least once a day. I find I am always going so fast, jumping from one thing to the next, I don’t give myself time to process my thoughts & emotions. This has helped me so much. With such a lovely view, it was so easy. I ran outside barefoot & sat in the sun. One of my favorite moments from this trip among many.

Photo Mar 06, 5 22 07 PM

Right when we got in, Levi & I were starving so I decided to challenge my chef abilities (with lots of help from Trader Joe’s…). I shot high & made roasted tomato soup with truffle grilled cheese on sourdough for Levi & avocado toast topped with a little truffle cheese for myself. So freaking good! Definitely try Trader Joe’s truffle cheese, it wasn’t too expensive & if you love truffles like we do, you MUST try!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

After food, we made gin & tonic with lime. My drink of choice! And headed out to watch the sunset out on the back porch. I find myself missing the desert so much, at times, and this experience truly fed my soul. Sometimes when you live in the city, you feel so out of touch with where you came from.

Photo Mar 05, 7 45 06 PMPhoto Mar 06, 5 22 27 PMPhoto Mar 05, 7 43 53 PMProcessed with VSCO with a6 preset

The next morning, we made coffee & sat out in the morning sun. Feeling the sun on my skin is so calming & healing.

Photo Mar 06, 9 37 14 AMPhoto Mar 05, 7 48 31 PMPhoto Mar 06, 5 08 24 PM

Here’s to many more trips this year & feeling the sun on my skin a little more. Many thanks to Levi for sharing this experience with me. Though we stayed for only a night, I have so many lovely memories to carry with me.


All photos of me by @mybrainisweird

My instagram: @laceynwalker


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