Flower Fields

Spring is, kind of, here in LA. I mean the weather seems to change every single day. We’ve had blazing hot days, days when the wind carries you away, chilly thick-knit sweater mornings & everything in between. But at least flowers do not seem to care. My social media feeds were filled with beautiful blooms & I know I needed to start off spring with a little adventure.

Photo Apr 12, 11 53 37 AM

A few days ago, Cole & I decided to road trip down to the Flower Fields in Carlsbad. But first we had to stop for some coffee at one of my favorites, Eightfold. I mean, it is a road trip (and daily) essential for me. Coffee sets my intentions for the day. To put it in short, I feel like I have my shit together with a cup of coffee in my hand. Since I was little, my mom always taught me to appreciate the beautiful little things in day to day life. The world is so much brighter when you focus on the smallest things that bring you joy. Anyways…

After caffeine, we drove down to South Ponto Beach, a chill little spot in Carlsbad. I laid in the sun & Cole played guitar while we watched the waves roll into the shore. The ocean is another little thing that brings my heart so much joy. The waves are soothing to my little soul. My happy place is definitely by the ocean with the sun on my skin. There is something magical in the way sand follows you home days after you go to the beach, just a little reminder of a day well spent. Same goes for tan lines; and let me tell you I woke up with really strange ones!

Photo Apr 12, 12 43 22 AM.jpg

Photo Apr 12, 1 23 49 AM

After some beach time, we set out for the flowers. I have been flower obsessed since I was a child. I remember going with my parents & grandparents to the Getty Museum flower garden & I made it my own personal mission to smell every single flower. I came home happy as a bee, but my nose could not handle all the pollen for about a week. I still think it was far worth it! Though I know better than to smell every flower, the flower obsession has never left. The Flower Fields were a dream world!

Photo Apr 12, 11 54 46 AM

I’ve never seen so many flowers in one place! Truly something magical.

Photo Apr 12, 1 01 47 AMPhoto Apr 12, 1 13 09 AMPhoto Apr 12, 6 30 03 PMPhoto Apr 13, 11 46 29 AMPhoto Apr 13, 11 48 25 AMPhoto Apr 13, 11 45 07 AM

My attempt at photography (hey it’s been a minute) 😉

Photo Apr 12, 1 05 55 AM

Also to top everything off, fresh strawberry stands were everywhere! I was so stoked! They tasted like straight candy! If you know me, you know I am quite a little fruit bat. We demolished our strawberries in about five minutes!

Photo Apr 13, 11 43 47 AM

Overall, such a lovely day & one I will remember! I want to be rich in experiences & memories, to me they are the most valuable thing one can possess. Thank you for reading & following along with some of my favorite memories this year. I can’t wait to see all the places I’ll go & memories I’ll have. Many thanks to Cole for sharing this one with me & for being the talented human that he is!

Photo Apr 12, 11 56 17 AM

all photos of me by: @coleplay

my instagram: @laceynwalker

the Flower Fields

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