How much meat can you eat for dinner? Here are the rules

How much of your food can you actually eat?

The rules are pretty clear, but sometimes they can be confusing.

If you’re wondering if your dinner is worth the effort to cook, you might want to know if you can really eat everything in your diet.

Here are the most common vegetarian meal plans.

They can vary widely depending on your goals, but all should be very tasty.

The rules are simple, but they can still get a little complicated.

Here are 10 ways to eat your meals, according to the Food Network’s The Ultimate Guide to Vegetarian Living.

Here’s what the rules are: 1.

Eat 1,500 calories, or about 1,200 pounds, of meat for every pound of food you eat.2.

Eat an average of 3,200 calories a day.3.

Eat about one ounce of fruit a day and one pound of vegetables a day, or 3,500-5,000 grams of protein a day for every day of the week.4.

Eat more than five pounds of processed meats a week.5.

Drink at least four cups of coffee a day (or more).6.

Limit your salt intake to zero.7.

Limit processed foods, such as chips, cakes and cookies, to one serving a day per person per week.8.

Eat at least one small salad a day at least once a week (or at least twice a week) to maintain the weight.9.

Avoid foods that contain refined sugar.10.

Eat a balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and legumes.

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