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Vegan, vegetarian and meat eateries: Where do you find your niche?

It’s the first time that has published a vegan restaurant guide, with more than 100 restaurants being listed for the first year of the Guide.

We’ve compiled a list of the 10 most popular vegan eateries around the country, including our favourites in Sydney and Melbourne.

Vegetarian foodie and blogger Amanda Rimmer is among those who are vegan.

“I think it’s really great to see a vegan business thrive,” Ms Rimmer said.

“I’ve been vegan for the past 20 years, so I know that people are very passionate about vegan food.”

It’s not just the health benefits.

It’s also about sustainability.

“For me it’s a way to be part of the community and it’s an alternative lifestyle.”

She said she was excited to see the restaurants being built in the community.

“These are the kind of places that people don’t usually see and that’s great,” Ms Zimmer said, adding she was proud to see people supporting them.

“The food itself, the service, the atmosphere, it’s so much more than just a vegan place.”

They’re also providing great vegan food for a very reasonable price.

They’re a great community resource.

“Vegetarians are welcome to order from the menu, but it’s important to know where you can go for vegan food, Ms Zimmers advice.

The most popular places to eat out are in Sydney, Melbourne and Sydney’s CBD, which includes the Gold Coast.

Sydney’s vegan restaurant, The Laundry, has won a Michelin star.

(Photo: The Larders)In Melbourne, the city’s vegan eatery, The Leisure Bar, has become the citys largest vegan restaurant.

The Levee is open to vegan customers, but only on Wednesdays and Fridays.

Vegan foodie Rebecca Brown said the vegan menu was great for people looking for something different.”

You can pick from a range of veg-friendly options like mushrooms, lentils, nuts, seeds, vegetables, raw eggs and more,” Ms Brown said.

She said it was important to find out where you were and what you wanted before ordering.”

If you can’t find a vegan-friendly place in your area, or you’ve already eaten there before, then you can order through the Vegan Community, where you’ll be able to find vegan food.

“The Melbourne Vegan Eatery also has a great vegan menu.

(Image: Facebook)For people looking to find a vegetarian or vegan restaurant that is a little closer to home, Melbourne Vegan Eaters can help.

Its a small group of vegan eaterys in Melbourne’s CBD that provide delicious vegan meals and services to anyone looking for a vegetarian/vegetarian meal or vegan takeaway service.

Its run by owner Emma Bouchard, who has been vegan since she was a teenager.”

There are lots of restaurants and cafes in Melbourne and it really is difficult to find one where you feel at home,” Ms Bouchards Facebook page said.

(Read more about vegan dining.)”

So we’ve created Vegan Eats, where we cater for those who can’t eat meat or veg but who want to try new things.

“Ms Bouchars restaurant has won the Michelin Guide Australia award, which is a prestigious award from the world of restaurant reviews.

(Facebook: Melbourne Vegan Restaurants)Ms Bontard said there were still a lot of vegan restaurants to be found, but that veganism was gaining momentum.”

We’re getting more and more people eating vegan food everyday, and the vegan scene is getting bigger and bigger,” Ms Coudre said.


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