When the foodies are on vacation, they’ll try to find a way to cook dinner without cooking at home

By DAVID LEMONBRUCE, APA reporter AUSTIN, Texas (AP) It’s not the biggest deal to bring your own crock pot, but a Texas woman found herself with a lot of leftover chicken, rice and potatoes after her husband got a job at a local supermarket.

Lacey Dejesus is the cook at the Whole Foods Market in the town of Austin, Texas.

She said she brought some leftover meat from the restaurant to her kitchen in hopes that it would cook up some veggies for the next day.

The food was delicious, but she said she had no intention of cooking dinner on the stove.

Instead, she took the leftover ingredients she had cooked on the grill and made a chicken and rice stew with it.

Dejessus said she’s also been looking for ways to make some more vegan dishes.

She added that this year she has made vegan macaroni and cheese, vegan pizza, vegan potato chips and even vegan chicken.

But her husband was never happy with the recipes.

“He wanted the chicken and the potatoes,” she said.

“We don’t like to eat out.

We didn’t even have dinner this morning.”

Dejesuses’ husband, Scott, said his family has been making healthy and meat-free meals since they moved to Austin in 2012.

He said he’s always had leftover food.

“My husband says I eat too much, too often,” he said.

But he says the time has come to try something different.

“I want to make a meal that is not meat-heavy, and not heavy on the veggies,” he added.

Dejoesus said the leftover food is great to have because it keeps your pantry stocked with fresh ingredients.

Theresa Dejeson of Austin says her husband is a vegetarian, but he still loves his food.

The chef says her family has also been making vegan mac and cheese and pizza, but they didn’t feel like they were eating out.

Dejeson said she doesn’t like the dishes that are made with leftover meat.

“We don ‘t like to cook with it,” she added.

“It is really gross.”

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