How to fix your own death in VR, and how to make it feel right

By now you know that Oculus VR, developer of the Rift, has announced that the next generation of its virtual reality headset, the Rift Touch, will be coming to the US in December.

But before we go any further, let’s talk about what makes the Rift so different to previous generation headsets and why its future looks bright.

In a nutshell, the new headset has two major differences from previous headsets.

The first is that it’s made out of two main pieces of hardware: a display and a wireless microphone.

The other major difference is that the headset itself uses an entirely new, high-definition OLED panel.

To put that into perspective, the current Rift has a resolution of 2160×1200.

The new version, on the other hand, will have a resolution that’s twice as high.

The OLED panel also has a new and innovative feature called “perspective”.

By using this feature, the display is projected on top of the microphone, which can be tilted up or down depending on how you’re looking at it.

This allows you to get a much clearer picture of what’s going on around you.

It also lets you see through the headset and hear what’s happening on the headset.

The headset is also much larger, at 13.5 inches (34.6cm) tall, compared to 10.5 inch (23cm) for the original Oculus Rift.

The size also helps Oculus avoid problems with its motion tracking system, which uses three-axis gyroscopes to determine how the user is looking at the world.

With this new technology, the headset has the ability to track two different points in the room at the same time, instead of having to bounce the user around to find the one point they want to move to.

And it has all of these other advantages.

The big difference with the previous generation is that this new version has been designed specifically to work with Oculus VR’s own headset, dubbed the Oculus Rift DK2.

The DK2 is a headset that’s been developed specifically for the Rift.

It features the same kind of headset that Oculus is currently using on the Rift as well as a different headset called the Oculus Remote Touch.

And because the DK2 uses a different sensor than the DK1, it’s designed to work more with that sensor than a previous generation headset.

It’s also more portable, meaning that it doesn’t require an additional external battery to run.

This is especially important since, in addition to the new version of the headset, Oculus is also making some improvements to the DK 2.

For example, it now includes a more advanced microphone, making it easier to hear people talking, rather than just just listening to your ear buds.

The second major difference between the Rift and DK2 headset is that there are now three microphones in the Rift headset.

This means that the Rift now has a third set of sensors that can be used to record audio.

The microphone on the DK 1 was built into the headset so that it could be used as a microphone for recording games, but it didn’t have the same flexibility.

For instance, if the Rift had two separate microphones that it needed to record from, it would have to separate them.

Now, thanks to the use of two microphones, Oculus has built in the ability for people to use the third microphone for both recording and receiving sounds.

This way, the third camera will work to capture the sound of a single person in the headset when they talk, or when the Rift is in use.

There’s also a new, powerful new feature that allows for the use, and even the tracking, of a third camera.

This camera, called the “camera in the ear”, is basically a wireless camera that attaches to the top of a pair of earphones, and uses two different microphones to track a person’s head movements.

In some cases, this camera can be placed inside the Rift itself, making the headset look more like a headset.

When you hear someone speak, you’ll be able to see through their glasses and hear their voice in their headset.

Other times, the camera will be placed on the surface of the screen, so that the user can listen to the sounds coming from the headset or their ears.

This new feature, called “head tracking”, will also allow Oculus to create virtual environments.

Oculus VR has built its new headset out of the same type of technology that it uses on its own headset.

That means that it can be worn by a person with no special equipment.

It can also be worn with a headset attached to their face.

The camera in the eye, however, is still only available with the DK4.

It works by tracking the user’s head by sending two separate video signals to the headset that the camera is placed in.

This will allow for more precise positional tracking of the user, which is very important to Oculus because it allows the user to feel like they’re actually in the environment, rather then just looking around.

This, in turn, lets the user

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