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How to Make Your Own Vegetarian Salad with a Twist

I was recently invited to make my own vegetarian salad, and I decided to take it as a starting point for a new veggie recipe.

The idea was to use the same veggies and herbs, but with a twist: I wanted to add an additional vegetable to the mix that is often overlooked: avocado.

The avocado is a great source of vitamin C and essential fatty acids, and it is a fantastic salad dressing, so it was a perfect fit.

The recipe also had a twist, and that was the addition of avocado, which I felt would complement the citrus flavors of the dressing and add a healthy kick.

In this recipe, I wanted the avocado to complement the dressing in a way that would work as a complete meal.

You can use the fresh avocado in the salad for a light and refreshing salad, or use the canned version in a simple vegan version that will be sure to please your family.

You will need 1-1/2 cups of fresh avocado, 1/2 cup of lemon juice, 1 tsp of salt, and a pinch of pepper.

To make the avocado salad, mix together the lemon juice and salt in a large bowl.

Place the avocado in a ziplock bag.

Add the lemon zest and juice, salt, pepper, and the dried fruit and salt mixture.

Shake well to combine.

Set aside.

To prepare the dressing, add the avocado and lemon juice to a large mixing bowl.

Stir to combine and pour the dressing over the avocado.

Use a spoon to squeeze the avocado mixture into the dressing.

This will make the dressing a bit thick and it will need to be shaken to mix.

Use another spoon to spread the dressing evenly on the avocado, and then drizzle with fresh lime juice and avocado slices.


Nutrition Facts Easy Vegan Avocado Salad with Lime Juice and Avocado Amount Per Serving (1 portion) Calories 170 Calories from Fat 43 % Daily Value* Total Fat 8g 14% Saturated Fat 4g 20% Sodium 585mg 33% Potassium 517mg 12% Total Carbohydrates 29g 9% Dietary Fiber 1g 4% Sugars 3g Protein 12g 24% Vitamin A 6% Vitamin C 0.4% Calcium 1.4* Iron 8% * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

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