Mcdonalds to open two new outlets in Milan and Pisa: Sport Italia

Pisa, Italy – Mcdonald’s has confirmed that it will open two Italian locations in Milan, and will open a Pisa restaurant in Pisa.

The announcement is a first for the fast food chain, which has previously said that it would open its first Italian outlet in Milan.

The Italian company said that the opening of the new stores will help grow its Italian restaurant business, which currently accounts for around two thirds of the total value of its Italian operations.

Pisa Mayor Federico Pellegrini said that both locations will be located in the former city’s new touristy district, with the first opening in April.

The first Italian restaurant will be a “premium” option, Pellegro says, which will serve traditional Italian dishes and be available at prices “just right” for tourists.

Mcdonald said that this new Italian outpost would be “a direct addition to the Mcdonald chain of restaurants” and would be opened at a time when the chain is “focusing on building new opportunities” in the city.

McDonald’s has also said that its new Pisa location will be open on a “flexible” basis during peak times, and “will offer customers the opportunity to select from more than one entrée, offering customers flexibility in their dining experience.”

The new Piserios in Milan also feature new menu items, and include “a menu of the year,” a “specialised” sandwich, “a burger and fries” and “fries in a bun.”

McDonald’s has previously opened a new Pizzeria and Lounge in the town of Vittorio Emilia, and is also planning to open a McDonald’s outlet in the new city of Rome in 2020.

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