Vegan bodybuilder who used veggie borsch recipe ‘totally vegan’

Vegetarian bodybuilding is getting a lot of attention in the media these days.

But vegan bodybuilder and fitness expert David Smith is not one of them.

“I’m vegan,” he said.

“When I first started training, I never thought about veganism.

I just thought about my diet and how I’m going to stay healthy.”

Smith started bodybuilding in 1996 when he was 22 years old.

He has since competed in several events, including a major at the World Championships, as well as an amateur circuit.

“It’s definitely a niche, but it’s still a niche,” he told The Globe and Mail.

“There are a lot more people who are getting into bodybuilding and it’s a lot bigger than it was 10 years ago.”

Smith says that he eats a vegetarian diet, but he eats meat every day.

And he also eats lots of fish. “

That’s about 60 per cent of the total diet, so I have some really good choices.”

And he also eats lots of fish.

“My whole philosophy is that I eat a balanced diet, it’s not like I’m always eating 100 per cent.

I have a pretty good mix of protein, carbohydrate and fats, but I still eat lots of fruits and vegetables.”

He adds that he loves to exercise, especially if he has time.

“If I have time to do something, I do it.”

Smith has a lot to offer to his audience.

“People want to know how to build muscle, and I’m not trying to be an expert,” he says.

“What I’m trying to do is educate them, to get them to think about nutrition and exercise and nutrition, and that’s what they want to learn about.”

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