What are the top five vegetarian restaurants in Chicago?

The top five vegan restaurants in the city of Chicago include a vegan pizza, a vegan sushi, a veggie burger, a vegetarian burger joint, and a vegan bakery.

While there are a lot of options in the Chicago area, vegans should be prepared to go out of their way to find some of the most delicious vegan food in the country.

The list below contains all of the top 10 vegan restaurants across the U.S. The restaurant lists were compiled by Eater Chicago,, Food and Wine, and, using the USDA’s National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference.

Restaurants with more than one entry are ranked by the number of reviews and Yelp reviews.

For a complete list of the 50 most-reviewed vegan restaurants around the world, check out Eater’s Vegan Food Guide.

Here are the five vegan places to go in Chicago:1.

Veggie Burger Joint in Lincolnwood (Chicago, IL)A burger joint named “Veggie Burger” has been around since 1996, and it’s still one of the best places to get a vegan burger.

You’ll find a variety of vegan options at this restaurant, including a vegan cheeseburger, a black bean burger, and vegan cheesecake.

They also have a veg-free version of the Black Bean Burger.

The Black Bean burger comes with two fried tofu balls and is topped with a vegan sauce and black beans.

This is a great way to make sure that your meal is vegan friendly.


Vegan Cheese and Burger Joint (St. Louis, MO)Vegan Cheese and Burgers is the second-best vegan burger joint in St. Louis.

This restaurant specializes in burgers made with a mixture of plant-based ingredients.

It’s located at the corner of Michigan Avenue and South Van Ness Boulevard, just east of downtown St. Paul.

The burgers are topped with vegan cheese, mayonnaise, and pickles.

They offer vegetarian and vegan options as well.


Veggies and Buns in Chicago (Chicago Heights, IL, USA)Veggies & Buns is a new vegan restaurant, but it has been a favorite for vegans for a long time.

They serve up a vegan option on the menu that includes a cheeseburgers, vegan fries, and more.

Their menu is full of tasty options, and their vegan burgers are a hit.

You can get the vegan cheesesteak for as little as $5.

Vegan burger options include veggie burgers, black bean burgers, and fried tofu burgers.

They have vegan fried chicken, vegetarian burgers, vegan chili and rice, and veggie fries.


Vegan Bistro in Chicago Heights (Chicago)The location of this Chicago vegan bistro has changed a lot since its opening in 1995.

It is now a vegan restaurant that has vegan burgers, as well as vegan pizza and vegan burgers.

This location is located on the West Side of Chicago, just south of the city.

The menu is still filled with a variety and delicious vegan options.


The Meat Market (Chicago’s North Shore)This vegan food market is a must-stop if you’re in Chicago and you want to try out some of Chicago’s best vegan restaurants.

Located in the North Shore neighborhood of Chicago Heights, the market features vegan and vegetarian food and vegan-friendly shops.

It also offers vegan-free, vegetarian-friendly and vegan breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


The Vegan Cafe in Minneapolis (Minnesota)You can’t go wrong with vegan meals at The Vegan Café in Minneapolis.

They include a vegetarian and vegetarian burger, veggie pizzas, vegan breads, vegan muffins, and an awesome veggie sandwich.


The VegFest in Omaha, Nebraska (Nebraska)The vegan food festival is one of these events that are worth attending, even if you don’t eat meat.

You will be able to taste delicious vegan eats at a variety restaurants, including the vegan burger, vegan cheeses, and even the veggie cheeseboard.


Vegan Cafe in Portland, Oregon (Portland, OR)Portland’s vegan cafe has become a favorite in the Portland area, and the vegan food menu is filled with great vegan options and vegan friendly items.


Veggies and Biscuits in Portland (Portland)Portland veggie biscuit shop is a local favorite and the best vegan biscuit and baked goods in the whole state.


Vegan Barbecue in San Francisco (San Francisco)San Francisco’s vegan barbecue joint is well known for their delicious veggie sandwiches, which is a favorite of vegans and vegetarians alike.


Vegan Burger Joint at The Green on Washington Street in Seattle (Seattle)Seattle’s vegan burger spot is one you won’t want to miss out on.

It has vegan options, including veggie-free and vegetarian options, as a vegan sandwich, and they also have veggie and vegetarian burgers.


The Vegetarian Restaurant at La

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