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How to make your own Asian Vegetarian Dessert

In this series, we’re going to try to find recipes that are not vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free or low-fat vegan.

In this case, we’ll be looking for recipes that feature some sort of Asian fusion or a traditional Chinese dish.

If you have a favorite Asian fusion dish, we suggest that you share it in the comments section below.

Here are a few of our favorites: Desserts of the Gods: In this dessert series, I’m going to be taking you on a journey through some of the world’s most popular and sought after dessert traditions.

We’ll be eating the best Asian desserts from around the world, exploring the various ethnic cuisines, and then finally diving into how the different flavors are made.

I’ve also included some of my personal favorite recipes that I’ve had.

Ginger and Coconut: This ginger and coconut sweet dessert is one of my favorites because of how rich and flavorful it is.

You can use the recipe below.

Papaya Cake:  Papayas are a great addition to any dish, but the traditional papaya cake is a really great way to get the taste of the fruit without having to cook it.

It also contains a lot of vitamin C, so it’s really a great way for those looking to lose weight or get their blood sugar down.

The Lemon and Cucumber Cake: If you’re a lemon lover, you’ll love this Lemon Cake with cucumber.

It’s also packed with Vitamin C and is great for anyone who’s trying to shed pounds.

 The Lemon Cupcake: This Lemon Cupcakes recipe is super easy to make, and has a very unique twist.

The lemon cupcake is made with the original ingredients and comes together in just under an hour.

Coconut Cake: This Coconut Cake recipe is very similar to the Lemon Cup cake recipe, but instead of the lemon, the coconut cake is used.

This coconut cake recipe is also a super quick way to lose a pound, and is a great option if you are looking to shed some pounds.

It contains a ton of Vitamin C, vitamin E, and zinc.

Strawberry Cake: Another strawberry cake recipe that uses strawberries is a winner.

Lemon Cake: The Lemon Cake is a super easy dessert recipe to make.

It is filled with coconut and contains a whopping 11 grams of Vitamin A per serving.

Chinese-Style Chinese Tea Cake: It’s no secret that Chinese-style tea is one my favorite desserts, but I love the coconut and lime combination.

These two Chinese-Style Coconut Desserts are super simple and super delicious.

Eggplant-Creamed Chocolate Cake: I love eggplant and cream cheese desserts.

But if you don’t have eggplant, you can make this chocolate cake with the recipe for this eggplant-cream cheese dessert.

Tandoori Chicken Salad: If your favorite Indian restaurant doesn’t have Tandooris, I definitely recommend ordering one of these tasty Tandori Chicken Salad.

It comes with an eggplant sauce, a salad of chopped vegetables and a little spice from a little bit of coriander.

Soup of the Month: This soup of the month is the soup of month for me.

It starts with the Asian style soup of day 1.

The recipe calls for spinach, red bell pepper, and cilantro.

I use this recipe for a soup that I make in the morning for the comfort of the week.

Om nom nom nom: These are my favorite Asian desserts that I love to make at home.

These recipes are made with real ingredients, and the flavors are amazing.

If your vegetarian or vegan friends or family members don’t know about Asian food, they are going to love these Asian desserts! 

Want more vegetarian desserts?

I have recipes for vegan Thai curry, vegan Thai food, and vegan Chinese food.

For more recipes that we can all enjoy, you might also enjoy my cookbook, Vegan Food: The Ultimate Guide to Delicious and Healthy Vegan Recipes.

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