Why are vegan dishes so delicious?

Vegetarian pizza topping, quinoa recipes, and other healthy vegan recipes that can be eaten with out dairy, eggs, or eggs-based sauces, dressings, or condiments.Vegetarian Pizza Pizzas from Whole30 Vegetarian Pizza: Quinoa Pizza  Vegetable, tofu, and chickpea vegan pizzas from the Whole30: Sesame Seed Squash Pizza Vegetables and sauces from the Healthy Whole30 Diet, which is an eating plan […]


How to cook Indian Vegetarian Spaghetti

By J.D. Mascagni, Globe and Mail food columnistGlobe and Mail editor and senior food writerMichele ChavannesGlobe editorial staffMay 14, 2018At least one dish on this list of vegetarian dishes at Indian vegetarian restaurants is as well known for its vegetarian credentials as for its authenticity.The restaurant-sommelier and cookbook author and vegetarianist, Michele Chavanna, says the […]


Which vegan protein powder is best?

Lacto ovelve vegetarian, vegan protein powders are one of the most popular vegan protein supplements and dairy-free protein powdings in the United States.Lactoferrin is one of a number of lacto-vegetarians’ favorite dairy-containing protein powdors and the LactoSolution is one that I consider my favorite dairy protein powder.But the brand Lactosolution is no longer available and […]


Which restaurants are vegetarian-friendly?

Posted October 06, 2018 05:10:13The term vegetarian means “meatless,” or “vegetable.”For the most part, most vegetarian dishes include meat.However, the term can also be applied to more exotic dishes, including vegan, vegetarian, or non-vegetarians.Vegetarian meals vary greatly in price, but the most commonly prepared vegan meals come with a choice of vegetables, beans, or rice.They’re […]


Why are you vegan?

Vegans have traditionally been very concerned about the environment and animal welfare.Today, they’re also worried about climate change and how we’re living in an age where we’re consuming more meat and dairy than ever before.Here are five reasons why you should be vegan.1.Your brain and body can cope with more plant-based foods There’s no denying […]

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