Lacey’s Day Off: Melrose

At the beginning of this year, I started a new job as a social media manager & barista at a coffee shop in Venice; honestly the greatest job ever, I am stoked. I just haven’t had a normal job in about 6 months, so readjusting has been a struggle!

In order to get through my work week, I make sure to plan rad adventures with friends filled with lots of slow mornings, oat milk lattes, food & new places. There are few things I love more than adventuring to places I had never seen before. Things like that feed my soul & need for exploration. (until I can travel more of course! I have some trips in the work as we speak!!)

Photo Jan 30, 10 32 05 AM

Yesterday I asked my friend Lily if she would be down to explore around this little French cafe I found. I am obsessed with France, literally my number one place to travel right now. La Tropezienne was so lovely. We tried a cappuccino, a latte, fresh croissant & a pistachio macaron! And also they gave us small little pastries covered in pearl sugar! Literally the best out of everything! I have no idea what they were called though…oops. Also if you have never had a croissant & cappuccino paired, you’re missing out. I learned this trick from a German fashion blogger, but you dip the croissant into the cappuccino foam & I don’t know how to explain it other than it is complete magic. Just try it for yourself!

Photo Jan 30, 4 54 11 PM

Photo Jan 30, 4 53 29 PM

Also afterwords, we ran around Melrose to get a green tea boba from Urth because boba…

Photo Jan 30, 4 52 01 PMProcessed with VSCO with a6 presetPhoto Jan 30, 2 25 12 PMProcessed with VSCO with x5 presetPhoto Jan 30, 8 11 39 PM

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My Favorite Coffee Shops

Coffee is my life blood. I mean I literally have the caffeine molecule tattooed on my forearm. That’s dedication. Anyways, I wanted to write about my favorite shops I have had the pleasure to visit in the past couple of years. Some I have been to a billion times, and others only once or twice, but they still hold a special place in my heart.

Coffee shops just have such a peacefulness to them. First dates, friend dates, groggy morning runs, a lovely workspace; I feel that they are so versatile. Also every time I travel to a new city, I enjoy instagram stalking the most popular shops in the area, which always makes for a great adventure.

After living in LA for about a year, I’ve selected favorite shops I go to again and again. One of the first shops I ventured into, was Eightfold over in Silverlake/Echo Park. Get their white chocolate matcha latte; literally the greatest matcha in LA!

Photo Sep 24, 11 37 16 PM.jpg



A new favorite, mainly because of their oat milk latte & their strawberry almond croissant, is La Colombe in Beverly Hills. I shared a lovely rainy morning with my ex-boyfriend there. We shared the croissant & watched the rain outside through the huge windows. Literally the perfect rainy day if you ask me.

Photo Dec 22, 11 56 44 AM.jpg

An old favorite I actually haven’t been to in quite a while is La Mill Coffee in Silverlake. I was hard core obsessed with their iced hemp milk vanilla latte; so obsessed that the baristas would start making me one when they saw me walk in the door. Don’t knock it until you try it! Honestly hemp milk & oat milk are the ways to go with coffee, at least in a latte. They replicate the creaminess & richness of milk so well. I hate hate hate cow milk in my coffee. You couldn’t pay me to drink it! La Mill has some of the best breakfast in silverlake as well! So many options for every kind of diet too! (Also there is this one barista who looks like Garrett Borns & we all know how I feel about him)

Photo Aug 20, 12 38 58 PM.jpg

My favorite in LA has to be Alfred. They are probably the most famous in LA & I can totally tell why! They just do everything incredibly well & are pretty cheap in comparison to other third wave shops out here in LA. They have a simple menu, oat milk, a lovely turmeric latte, lots of locations, and croissants sourced from FarmShop. I’m forever obsessed. Alfred started the oat milk obsession for me. I always recommend them to anyone passing through as a must try!

Photo Jan 06, 10 49 28 AM.jpg

Anddddd….I have to include my favorite shop in Albuquerque. I have too many memories there & I just love it far too much! No shop out here even compares. I’ve honestly never seen such a creative menu & such consistently good drinks & food. On my days off in ABQ, I would always go to Zendo to drink an Americano & eat their homemade granola. I was able to go pretty much every day when I was home for Christmas. Guysss….they have oat milk!!! If you are ever traveling through Albuquerque, be sure to stop there!

Photo Dec 20, 8 56 25 PM.jpg

Photo Dec 26, 11 21 05 AM.jpg

What are your favorite shops? I would love recommendations 🙂

photos of me by: Levi


November 13, 2017

Photo Nov 13, 2 36 58 PM

I’ve decided I want to make this more of a journal of the days I would most like to remember. Days always seem to fade into the next when all you do is work & worry about staying afloat in California. I’m going to try to live more freely. I want to share my life with you all through photos & remind you to admire the little things in life.

Photo Nov 13, 4 14 43 PM

Yesterday, Levi & I decided to have a beach day in Malibu. We packed up all the essentials including my new lil Sundae bikini but I forgot water because I’m the absolute worst at drinking water 😅
Before we headed out, we had to stop at Alfred Coffee to get an oat milk latte, which is what happiness is made of. I’m definitely convinced & obsessed.
After we were properly caffeinated, we headed out to Zuma beach in Malibu, a place I had always seen photos of but never truly got to enjoy. We laid out on the beach together for a few hours in the sunlight, then ran, head on, into the waves coming in. They were so strong I couldn’t even stand & I definitely fell quite a few times. Sand everywhere 😭 just everywhere. But it was so worth it!!

Photo Nov 13, 6 59 02 PM
Bikini by: Sundae


Photo Nov 13, 4 13 51 PM
MyBrainisWeird aka Bae

Photo Nov 13, 2 43 05 PM

Photo Nov 13, 11 32 40 PM
After Zuma, we headed down the coast to Malibu Farm. A soy caramel latte for me & an old fashioned for Levi. We always end up sharing anyways so it’s the best of both worlds.
I’m happy I live here. I just need to remember that life is made up of the moments when you’re not working & worrying, when you’re free. I’ll cherish running into the waves with Levi forever. ♥️

Photo Nov 13, 11 28 45 PM

Photo Nov 13, 4 32 13 PM.jpgPhoto Nov 13, 11 28 06 PM


bikini by: @wear_sundae

photos by: @mybrainisweird

Joshua Tree

A few weeks back, a photographer, from back home in New Mexico, reached out to me & my boy, Levi. She happened to be staying out in Joshua Tree in the cutest little airbnb! Joshua Tree is only around a two hours away, so of course, we made the drive out so we could shoot! I had worked with Beth Wells many times before in New Mexico, and she is definitely one of my favorites! Her vibe is so golden & lovely. I love to get lost on both her personal instagram & her photography account!

Here are the photos from our little collaboration with her.

LL10LL19LL13LL09LL27LL42LL03LL62LL58 (1)

all photos by Beth Wells

male model/my boy 

My Favorite Things about Fall this Year

Chilly mornings when the sky is grey & everywhere except for under the covers with Levi is not anywhere I want to be. Slow weekend mornings, waking up next to him, still sleeping, and knowing that this is the best my life has ever been. I can’t wait to see where my life will go from here.

Photo Sep 23, 6 44 04 PM

Pumpkins of every color decorating every grocery store, awaiting Halloween; pumpkin carving, hot chocolate at midnight, scary movies, vegan pumpkin pie, running through haunted houses absolutely terrified but not admitting it, full moons on Halloween night, just Halloween in general.

Photo Sep 24, 8 07 59 PMPhoto Sep 24, 8 14 20 PM

Afternoon snacks in bed. Trader Joe’s currently has pumpkin cinnamon rolls (they’re vegan & so are the normal cinnamon rolls in a tube) They’re so lovely & never last long. I love baking them just for the smell of cinnamon & cardamom throughout the house.

Photo Sep 23, 5 56 17 PMPhoto Sep 23, 5 58 26 PM

The best drink of the fall obviously contains a ton cinnamon & spice. I found the most perfect vanilla spice tea to enjoy every afternoon.

Photo Sep 23, 5 53 33 PM

Fall is my favorite time of year. I can’t wait for the weather to cool down more so I can shop for beanies, sweaters, candles & everything else good in the world. 

Photo Sep 24, 8 07 27 PM

What are your favorite things about fall this year? I would love to read! 

All photos from my Instagram


OOTM: September Outfits

California never gets too cold during the fall & before I moved, I was certain I would never miss the 60 degree weather New Mexico has to offer this time of year. Los Angeles was hit by 100 degree weather these past couple weeks. I think everyone has been melting, not to mention my air conditioner in my house decided to stop working. Anyways, I miss the cold, I miss wearing sweaters, hoodies & beanies!! I long for a rainy morning spent at a coffee stop window, looking outside at the greyness.

Also, mid-way through September, I decided I wanted to have black hair for Halloween. I never have had such a dark color, and I almost never let dye anywhere near my hair. But when life gives you lemons (aka Pravana calls you up to model for them & they give you rainbow colored hair) your opinions change a lil.

Anyways, here are 5 of my favorite outfits that I wore at this awkward time of year.

Photo Aug 02, 11 48 20 AM

Studio City Coffee Date

sunnies: Ray Ban

top & jeans: Brandy Melville

Photo Aug 23, 6 18 23 PM

Weekend Lunch with the Boy

top: Junk Food

fishnets: LF

boots: Dr. Marten

Photo Sep 09, 12 41 14 PM

Catching up on Work in Silverlake

bandana: Urban Outfitters

hoodie: Brandy Melville

socks: Urban Outfitters Mens

sneakers: Converse

Photo Sep 11, 12 02 56 PM

Larchmont Adventures

sunnies: Ray Ban

sweatshirt: my mom’s

shorts: One Teaspoon

sneakers: Converse

Photo Sep 15, 11 35 21 AM

Meeting up with Old Friends

sunnies: Ray Ban

top: my boy’s

belt: Brandy Melville

shorts: vintage Levi’s

sneakers: Converse

All photos by: My Brain is Weird

My Instagram: @laceynwalker

No Thanks

Weekends make me so happy. Waking up late, afternoon coffee & an excuse to bring out the laid-back pieces I’ve been dying over all week. I’ve been loving this No Thanks graphic Tee from Tees & Tank You along with this black denim skirt from Carmar denim. The two pieces together along with my matte black converse absolutely kill the weekend look.

Here are some photos from my coffee date with Levi this morning. We went to a new favorite in Silverlake, LA Mill Coffee Co. I am obsessed with their iced hemp milk latte! Anyways…

Photo Aug 20, 2 12 21 PMPhoto Aug 20, 2 16 08 PMPhoto Aug 20, 2 11 54 PMPhoto Aug 20, 2 06 57 PMPhoto Aug 20, 2 15 44 PMPhoto Aug 20, 1 52 33 PMPhoto Aug 20, 12 38 01 PM

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photos by My Brain is Weird

shirt: Tees & Tank You

skirt: Carmar Denim